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Our universal play language (UPL) is changing the face of education in schools and in learning spaces all around the world.

Play Language is a one of a kind feat of engineering that brings the energy of play fully and effectively into learning spaces. The conventional view Is that play, except for early childhood learning space, happens outside the classroom. Play language is made to bring the power of play inside our classrooms and learning spaces.

Like origami, play language’s use of paper readily engages the creative hands of children and adults. But the paper puppetry inherent in play language creates shared experiences that propel them into a deeper dimension of communication infused with movement, play, art and compelling conversation.

The power of play-centered communication not only naturally engages the hearts and minds of kids of all ages, but also those of teachers seeking innovation for whom play opens a path to transforming their career.

Play Language is perfect for creating learning strategies at home, great for teacher in-service and healing play-deprived classrooms.
Ten 30-minute segments featuring teachers who helped to create and prove play language in their own classrooms.

Play Language is the pathway out of the academic factory. With proven roots in brain science and in classrooms at all levels around the world, Play Language brings fresh, proven play pedagogy into the classroom.

Why Play language? Because it's time to reach children of all ages where they live and because kids learn best through play.

Play Language has responded to the educational space that sesame street never filled. Play Language is just what our play-deprived learning culture needs right now!

Play Language is brought to you by The Play Project, the movement advancing play into the learning culture.

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